Empress Poised for Stardom


empress_SeanPaul_SexyGirls_BeenieMan_Rihanna_Dancehall.jpgEmpress aka Empress Camielle {poised for stardom} is a young and new artiste to the world's musical stage. She has been involved in music from a child. Growing up between Jamaica, the USA and Australia has had a huge influence on her sound. Musically she loves soul, old time reggae, hip hop and flavors of the dancehall.

She has travelled to over 13 countries with music, television commercials and other creative projects. Empress is the newest VJ and Television Host on RE TV (Jamaica's number 1 reggae entertainment station). She hosts the top ten and VIP Backstage shows. She is a strong and determined Leo, with a killer personality and a killer voice.

Releasing singles with Sony & Warner Music previously in Australia, Empress has absorbed the runnings of the music business. She's tasted success and dabbled in many musical genres. Living back in Jamaica and making an album has been her goal and that's what she is doing. She sleeps 3-4 hours a night and is ready to take the world by storm.

After going through major record deals with Sony Music and Warner Music, Empress knew she wanted to do things her way the next time around. She set up her own independent record label called D'Royale Empire ENT. and currently runs the label herself. She works many jobs which allows her to fund the everyday runnings of the company. 'Born to die?' is the first release from the label and her other 2 singles from her debut album are in the mixing and mastering studio for release this year.