'Mother' Arguments Surface Between Bounty & Beenie at Sumfest


BountyBeenieYardFlex_SeanPaul_Rihanna_Dancehall.jpgArchrivals Bounty Killer and Beenie Man dragged their ongoing 'war of words' deeper into the bowels of bad taste during Stormfront at Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay on Thursday night.

Not content with belittling each other, they have descended into that most foul of preoccupations -- talking about each other's mothers.
BK hit the stage at about 3:30 a.m sporting a black blazer with the words 'cross, angry, miserable' emblazoned across it, and a pair of black pants. BK then intimated that Beenie Man had previously disrespected 'Ms Ivy' (Bounty's mother) and proceeded to announce to the 8,000 strong crowd that Beenie's mother "ah live inna one house that ah leak".

Killer asked: "Who ah the biggest gyal clown inna Jamaica? After me dash weh ole rubbish oonu go back go pick it up like janitor."
This reference was in relation to Beenie Man's upcoming marriage to D'Angel, who had been in a previous relationship with Bounty Killer for the past seven years.

Later, Beenie closed the show and gave a stinging rebuttal to Killer's arguments.

"Killer say me mother house ah leak...me buy a six-bedroom house give me mother. Killer and fe him mother live in ah two-bedroom apartment," Beenie said, referring to Bounty's living arrangements with his mother in Oakland Apartments in St. Andrew.
Dressed in a red silk coat with matching silk pants and shirt, he then launched into a microwaved version of Lady Saw's I've Got Your Man, with the pejorative punchline: "Angel lef' you 'cause she tired of the tongue you got."

Then the woman in question, the bride to be, D'Angel entered stage right where she proceeded to do two tracks, including 'One Man' and 'Gyal Haffi Move'. She finished up her set with panache, even 'wining' seductively on Beenie Man while wicked glints of light flashed from her expensive engagement ring.

When will the passa passa end, people? When? Tune into Reggae Sunsplash 2006 for the next episode - YardFlex.Com will be there.