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SexyGirls-SeanPaul_ElephantMan-DancehallLyrics.jpgName: Nicole 'Passion' Weller
Age: 25
Date of birth: April 1, 1981
Qualities looking for in a man: honest, caring and a good personality.
Pet Peeve: I hate men who tell lies and are pretentious.

Although she was born on April Fools Day, this sassy spunky 25 year-old actress is nobody's fool. With a body to die for and a wit and intelligence to match, 'Passion' has been busy inflaming the hearts and groins of legions of male dancehall fans across Jamaica with her feline moves in videos.

She played the mute dancer on Royal Palm Estate, chowed down on live lizards in last year's reality show, 'Golden Nuggets' (she placed third), and later, landed a minor role in the indie film, 'Glory to Gloriana'. She has also racked up credits in music videos such as Tanto Metro and Devonte's 'Good Times, Bad Times' and MJ and Beenie Man's 'Get Loose'.

She also has a killer sense of humour as demonstrated on the set of the Leftside and Esco medley project when her wig fell off right in the middle of a dancing scene. She burst out in gales of wild feminine laughter, and even rolled around on the ground before she was able to finally compose herself.

She is presently doing an acting course at the Edna Manley School of Art, but she is eyeing a move to "either LA or England to pursue my acting dreams".

Blessed with an amazing body that bewitches men, 'Passion' has won numerous contests such as Ms. Amnesia 2004, Ms. Ocho Rios Arcade 2005 and several others which would be too tedious to name here. She placed second for three consecutive years at the Ms. Jamaica Body Fitness contest, and was runner-up in the finals of the Ms. Asylum Beach Body 2006 contest.

"I plan to enter this year's body fitness competition, but this time, I plan to spend way more time in the gym so I can get in the right physical shape, very toned, so I can realistically to compete for the top spot,' she told YardFlex.Com.

This hottie, who hails from a Christian home in Bellefield, Manchester, does not consume alcohol, and she doesn't smoke. She began modeling at age 17 for Nylu Models.

"I feel good about showing off my body, and celebrating my sexiness…I like the effect I have on men," she said with a seductive smile.
So how does she keep her body in such fabulous shape?

"I don't work out a lot, I run long distance, and I drink water, eat lots of fish and vegetables, and oh, drink lots of Gatorade," she said.
Look out for her delectable curves in the latest Leftside and Esco medley featuring artistes like Future Fambo and Mr. Easy.
Passion is hot to trot!


Wild rumours circulated around the Corporate Area, as well as Jamaican communities in South Florida, and New York today that a member of the Morgan Heritage group had been shot and killed after an altercation with another member of the Morgan clan.

YardFlex.com confirmed that these rumours were not
true, and that the two men involved in the incident are actually stepsons of Denroy Morgan, the patriarch of the Morgan family which resides in Nickle Hill, St. Thomas, hear the town of Port Morant.The deceased man is 51 year-old Donovan Foster, while the man who is
reportedly on the run is Michael Brown.

"Neither Morgan Heritage or LMS is in the island at this time, the men involved are stepbrothers, one of his wives' children shot another of Mr. Morgan's stepsons. I don't have anymore details at this time," Andrea Davis, booking agent of Morgan Heritage, said.

Another source close to the Morgan clan told YardFlex.com that "the wives had had their sons before they got into the Morgan family".

"One son shot the other 27 times," the source said. The incident reportedly happened this morning between 5 and 6 a.m, after the two men had an altercation. However, the police at Port Morant told YardFlex.com that the "deceased who is from the district of Spyle
Hill, Nickle Hill was shot 12 times after the men had a fuss".

"It is not clear what caused the argument, but we are proceeding with investigations, and trying to apprehend the suspected shooter," an officer said.

Stay logged onto YardFlex.com for further updates on
this case.