Ninjaman to Tie The Knot, But Bride Having Second Thoughts


By: Claude Mills
Carlington Wilmot Photo
NinjaMan-Married.jpgIn the world of dancehall these days, it seems everybody's going to the chapel. YardFlex has just learned that Desmond 'Don Gorgon' Ballentyne is planning to tie the knot next Saturday with Wendy Brown, a woman he has called the "love of his life", in a special VIP invitation-only event at Beaches Boscobel in Ocho Rios, St. Ann on July 22nd .

"I am getting married, I am in love, me is a loving yute, Wendy is the one for me, ah just so it look and so it seem. Mi love her completely," Ninjaman said.

This is not the Don Gorgon's first time down the aisle, but the first ended in divorce three months later. However, the approaching marriage may well be in jeopardy before the walk down the aisle because the bride-to-be is getting jittery, and if you listen to her friends and family, she has all right to be.

Wendy Brown is the sister of his babymother, Keisha, with whom he has fathered a six year-old son, a fact that has set off a firestorm of criticism in the parish of St. Ann. The impending marriage has apparently driven a rift between the sisters, and the Brown family is reeling. In an exclusive interview with, Wendy explained her feelings and her relationship with Ninjaman.

"Ninjaman and I had been friends for years, but a year ago fell in love," Ms. Brown, 34, said. "It's all very difficult, I have lost my family, the only sister who I love, and now I am about to lose my children, because my family is raging about. He is a nice person, and a good person, it's really rocking me, the world is against us but I am so much in love."

Ninjaman broke up with Keisha four or five years ago. Keisha and Wendy have not exchanged a word in several months.

"I was the one who looked after him, that's when it happened, we fell in love, but at first, we never acted on it, but we're human, things do happen, he said he doesn't see another woman for him. I am the only person he listens to, I've been able to get him off drugs. I am sure he is 100 per cent he is off drugs, I test him, I get him upset, leave him, and normally, when he's upset, he turns to drugs, and that has not happened. We are noth a little confused, with all the family coming down. I want to get lost."

Asked why she is estranged from her sister, Wendy said:
"Me and Keisha don't talk for several months because of this. I can understand the situation, she is afraid for me. She's been through a lot with him. But the way I fall in love with him, people look at it and say 'Wow! How could she?'. But once you get to know him and know how to deal with him, he can be the nicest person in the world. Nobody is on my side, my girlfriends say it's my decision. My children are very upset, (aged 16 and 10), people have been saying this and that to them, and now, they are not here in Jamaica. They are staying with my mom in the United States. I just don't know."


Ninjaman's ex-wife is reportedly coming to Jamaica to halt the marriage. According to Ms. Brown, his former exes are coming in to island to try to stop the marriage because they "are afraid of him but they are still in love with him".

Asked if she is not afraid of him, Wendy responded: "When he gets upset, I just hug him, and he gets calm. There's no reason to be afraid of him, I have seen him do terrible things where I should be afraid of him, but I am not."