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What's Cracking With Jigga Mattic

BabyCham&AliciaKeys1.JPGYo, the rock is percolating with lots of crazy stuff. Starting this Thursday, and every Thursday after this, we start a new feature called 'What's Cracking' with our favourite juvenile delinquent Jigga Mattic who has just returned from vacation. He's well-rested and dying to give you the inside skinny on what's cracking on the Rock.


Grammy award winning singer Alicia Keyes has been in the island for the past two days to shoot scenes for a video for the remix of the single, 'Ghetto Story Part Two' with Baby Cham. She reportedly stayed at the Courtleigh Hotel, and on Monday, went to Sherlock to shoot scenes in front of Baby Cham's house. A big-name politician who we cannot name here came to even get autographs for his kids. Sharon Burke of Solid Agency was also spotted at the location.

The following day, signed autographs at the hotel, before she reportedly went to downtown Kingston to the infamous Passa Passa dance in Tivoli Gardens to do more scenes. Berger from ADVIDCO is helping to shoot the scenes, but it is mostly overseas personnel who have creative control of the project. The singer last made a public appearance in Jamaica when she headlined the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in 2004.

We were unable to get an interview or any pictures. Sorry guys, but we brought you some lyrics instead. Enjoy.

Alicia Keys] (Baby Cham)
We got the kingdom so we have to make way
We take it from the bottom to the top baby
And now the whole community can live greatly

[Verse 2: Alicia Keys] (Baby Cham)
I remember those days when, we was dead broke
And, I could barely find a, dollar for a token
Hop in the train just to get where I'm goin
Po Po's after me I'm runnin like I'm smokin
Remember those days when I went to bed hungry
All I ever ate was white rice and honey
Big dreams in my head empty my tummy
Might crack a smile but ain't nothin funny
I remember playin over needles in the street
Everywhere I go and there was some part of mr
Thirteen thirteen was, hookers and hoes
On 11th avenue sellin bodies for dope (Whoa)
Remember cryin sayin that will never be me
Gonna make it someday gotta be somebody
Say, mommy don't worry it's just you and me
But, one day we will get out of this misery (Hey!)

BlingDawg1.jpgThe fallout of the Bling Dawg Summer Jam show is still reverberating throughout the island. According to the Portland cops, it has emerged that several persons lost cell-phones and received a host of minor injuries such as cuts and bruises in the wake of a melee sparked by angry fans, who were upset at derogatory comments that the Twins made, and which we cannot repeat here, when they were booed for anti-Beenie Man remarks. This is the second time in less than two months that the content of the Twins of Twins' act has riled up an audience. The first time was during the Shanika Anderson benefit concert where they made some 'inappropriate remarks' given the nature of the occasion.

In the meantime, as reported elsewhere, the Twins have washed their hands of any future Bling Dawg Summer Jam event. But we shall see what we shall see. Stay tuned.


Christine_HewittDied.jpgIt's hard to believe that Christine has passed on. But it's one of those things that we just gotta deal with. The church service to celebrate her life will be held at the Holy Trinity Cathedral on Saturday, July 15th, and the funeral service will be handled by celebrity funeral director Tommy Thompson. It will be a closed casket service .

Two Thursdays ago, at 6:45 p.m. Hewitt's charred remains were found in a burnt-out Townace minivan, registered 3451EU, along a lonely rural road at Bamboo District in Riversdale, St Catherine.
But do not despair too much. Christine wouldn't have wanted that. Hence, the 'bashment party' to celebrate her life will be held at 58-and-a-half Mannings Hill road on Friday night, and it's expected to be jam-packed with celebrities, politicians and entertainment personalities.

"It's a night of song and tribute, not a ni-nite," Peggy, Christine's younger sister, told YardFlex, laughing. "It's not a formal thing, anybody who wants to speak about Christine and how she touched our lives can come. We love her and miss her, but she's gone, she's gone, she's gone."


BeenieMan&BujuBantonGays.jpgSo the truce is over, huh?
Outrage! says that three artistes have 'violated' and have vowed to stop performances in Britain by three Jamaican musicians, including Banton and Beenie Man, after compiling evidence that they were still singing songs with anti-gay lyrics. Said pressure from gay rights groups led to the cancellation of concerts in Brighton, and Bournemouth last week of reggae dancehall stars Beenie Man and Buju Banton. This is the umpteenth time that this 14-year war of words between gay rights groups and Jamaican "dancehall" performers has blown up. Remember the 'Murder Music' campaign where an international boycott against homophobic singers resulted in concerts worth 5m pounds sterling being cancelled in 2004.

The gay rights campaigners accuse several artists of reneging on an agreement last year to stop using - and justifying - their gay bashing songs.

Banton, whose 1992 song Boom Bye Bye, helped to ignite the controversy, had been due to perform on Wednesday night at a club in Brighton's gay district.

People, why can't we all just get along?