'Sugar Mommies', Play About Sex Tourism in Jamaica, for London Stage


rastafarian2_150.jpg'Sugar Mommies', a play centred around the issue of sex tourism in Jamaica, especially the practice of older Caucasian women coming to the island resorts to 'get their grooves back' with young nubile black men.

The plot focuses on white women from the UK and US who come to Jamaica to be with 'rastatutes' or 'rent-a-dreads', and comes with a high price for the 'milk bottles' or 'whiteys' as the white woman are supposedly called. The play debuts on August 5 at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre next month.

Playwright Tanika Gupta traveled to Jamaica, and conducted 240 interviews with females, primarily sex tourists, in order to do research for the project. The play will be directed by Indhu Rubasingham and stars Canadian-born actress Linda Bellingham. It will run through to September 2.