Beenie Man & Buju Banton Banned in Britain - (Gay Rights Groups)


BeenieMan&BujuBanton.jpgIt's started again. Pressure from gay rights groups led to the cancellation of concerts in Brighton, and Bournemouth this week of reggae dancehall stars Beenie Man and Buju Banton.

This is the umpteenth time that this 14-year war of words between gay rights groups and Jamaican "dancehall" performers has erupte again.
The gay rights campaigners accuse several artists of reneging on an agreement last year to stop using - and justifying - their gay bashing songs.

Banton, whose 1992 song Boom Bye Bye, helped to ignite the controversy, had been due to perform on Wednesday night at a club in Brighton's gay district.

In a statement, the club, Concorde 2 said: "[We] believe that the concert would not have caused a threat to community welfare. Concorde 2 would like to remain a free thinking live music venue, which caters for all areas of the community."

Brighton and Hove Council confirmed it had approached Concorde 2 with a warning that its licence could be revoked. Sussex Police said that it supported the cancellation.

According to a story published in the Independent newspaper in England, "Outrage!, the gay rights group, said it will be seeking to stop performances in Britain by three Jamaican musicians, including Banton and Beenie Man, after compiling evidence that they were still singing songs with anti-gay lyrics.

Pressure groups, whose international boycott against homophobic singers resulted in concerts worth 5m being cancelled in 2004, have dubbed the songs "murder music".

The concert by Beenie Man, whose song Han Up Deh calls for lesbians to be hung, had been booked for the Bournemouth International Centre on 29 July. But the town's council confirmed Wednesday that it had rejected the booking."

Both Beenie Man and Buju Banton are due to perform in east London this weekend.