Make Boys Cry (MBC) Records With T.I.


MBC_FACE_POSTERgirls.jpgLocal female singing sensations Make Boys Cry has now completed their debut album for EMI Japan, and just last week, recorded vocals that will added to a track by platinum-selling artiste, T.I.

"We just finished voicing and sent off the last tracks, so we made the deadline for the July 19th album release. Plus, the girls have laid their part of the vocals for a combination single, 'It Must Be Love' with rapper T.I, and an English singer called 'Smujji' that will be the lead off single for Smujji's album, and introducer the girls to the mainstream American market," producer/manager Computer Paul was reported as telling reggae dancehall site, Yardflex.Com, this week.

The girls will be appearing on this year's annual Independence Day Street Jam, and may also put in a cameo at this year's Fully Loaded show.