'Sno Cone' Cuts Ties With Shane-O in Shock Move!


SnowConeB1.jpgBillboard-topping producer Rohan 'Sno Cone' Fuller has officially cut all management ties with Shane-O, the artiste who scored a local number one hit, 'Lightning Flash' on Cone's Applause rhythm last year, saying that the young artiste has become 'unmanageable'.

"Him nah tek no talk from nobody. In a little way, I saw it coming, he started to move hype, he stopped coming around me, especially after he stopped going to school in January, and he knows that I don't uphold with these things. How can you stop going to school
the year you're going to graduate?" Cone who says that
he thought of Shane-O as a son said.

Shane-O was signed to a four year deal with Sno Cone, but Cone is thinking about cutting him loose.

"He has allowed the people around him to tell him all kind of things. How he’s a big star and mi no buy him no car, and why him no fly out already? Plus he's doing a lot of songs out there for other producers
that is contrary to the image that he bussed with, remember that him buss with 'Lightning Flash' and 'Dogs in the Street', now he is doing slack songs, and I am getting the phone calls. Him nah tek no talk. It is not like him gone to another camp or anything, I am still his friend, but I cannot work with him on those terms," he told YardFlex.Com

Sno Cone has a new one-drop rhythm called 'Peace and Love' featuring artistes like Natural Black which is enjoying excellent rotation on local radio stations.