Galaxy P Transforms to Ras Ptah


RasPtah.jpgWhatever happened to Galaxy P? Remember he scored
big hits in the 90s.

He has changed his name to Ras Amun Ra Ptah.
"I decided to mek changes in my life, and move to a more spiritual and divine name, that's why I chose an ancient Egyptian name, Ptah, which means 'peace to the world'," he told YardFlex.Com.

Years ago, when he was riding high in the dancehall world, things took a dramatic turn for the worse in Galaxy P's life. He endured a particularly torrid 2003 when he was shot in his Greater Portmore
home by armed men, and then a few months later, the SUV in which he was traveling crashed in a major accident on the Washington Boulevard road in St. Andrew. The vehicle was written off, but no one died
in the accident.

"From I start to rass (grow locks) in 2005, things start to change for me. I see life differently, I read my bible and other books that teach me about life, and open up my eyes how to live as a man in this world. People even deal with me different since me rass, they are more respectful, even the radio disc jocks play me more, so it is a good thing to take things on a more spiritual level rather than a physical level," he told YardFlex.Com

Ras Ptah has a slew of new singles on his own Rattler Records imprint such as 'Life So Hard', 'Baby Don't Leave' and 'Tell Everybody'.
He will be appearing at Nuffy's annual 'Portmore Awards' stage show this weekend.

"There are a lot of things in the making, you will hear more about Ras Ptah," he said. His album, 'Changes', will be released in September 2006, and will be distributed by VP Records. He is now
walking the path firmly with Jah.