Ward 21 is Back - Getting Ready To Tour The World


Ward21WEB.jpgThe Dynamic dancehall group Ward 21 are now in the process of preparing to tour from summer until fall in fifteen countries inclusive of the UK and Japan. Their album entitled "King of the World" will be coming out on JVC Records; it will be released territorially - 1st in Japan and Asia, then in Europe and later in Jamaica and other places. A song on the album also shares this title.

So far they have done a video for the first single off the album "Your Picture" on the El Toro Rhythm. Video was directed by upcoming director 'Endless' and he's now busy putting together a script for the single "Garisson" on the Gully Slime Rhythm.

Their "Bad Belly" rhythm will be released soon. It is a combination of the rhythms "Bellyas," "Bada Bada" and "Da Joint"

Currently, they are pushing Tifa, a new artiste along with Mr. Peppa. Now works out at their new studio, the Natural Bridge studio.