Very Huge Doing it Real Big This Summer

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Chesterproducer.jpgYard producer Chester Walker's Very Huge Production is set to do things 'real big' this Summer. He is gearing up for the release of his latest rhythm, 'Bad Movie', an off-da-hook production that features a slamming single from dancehall's mega-seller, Sean Paul.

"I am still in the studios right now, but I am gunning for an August release, but so far, everybody hear it and love it, and the artistes are clamouring to go on it, so it's going to be real big when it
drops," producer/songwriter Chester V. Walker, head of Very Huge Productions, told YardFlex.Com.

Walker has scored at least one minor international hit with the combination single, 'Warning', by Christopher and Delly Ranks in Italy in the year 2001. Plus he has scored local hits like 'Bring the War On', Spragga Benz's 'layer' and Killa's 'Smile Up'. Artistes who have recorded singles on the rhythm include Rayvon and Redd Foxx, Voice Mail, Christopher, G Whizz, Powerman, Vito, and Sean Paul with the highly anticipated 'Touch'.