Gyptian Twin Sons Died - Then His Friend After - Heart Attack


By: Claude Mills
Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

gyptian_yardflexTwins.jpgSuperstitious people are fond of saying that bad things often come in threes. And that dark belief appears to be holding true in singer Gyptian's life.

Five weeks ago, his twin sons died after they were born prematurely. A few weeks later, his favourite aunt suffered a serious stroke, and is just recovering. And just last Thursday, one of his best friends,
deejay Miguel 'Marco Brand' Skinner, died of what is suspected to be a heart attack. He was just 25 years old. Three strikes. Three bad breaks. Three. Good ole unlucky number three; a number that denotes 'dead' in the popular local 'drop pan' game.

Through all his recent adversity, Gyptian has maintained a veneer of calm and composure, but his friend's death was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, and opened up the flood gates of sorrow.

'When mi twins dem dead, mi heart start beat fast, but no water neva come to mi eye. But when mi hear that Marco Brand dead the Thursday, mi bawl, mi bawl' he was more than a friend; him come in like mi
bredda,' said Gyptian, whose seminal hit, 'Serious Times' topped all major charts locally and overseas last year.

'Just last Wednesday, me and the man mek a last spar. Him ask me fi go pon the road wid him, and normally, me is a yute no like go pon the road, but mi and him roll pon him bike, and after that, me and him share the last soup that him drink. Him drink half, and me tek some, and him ask if me waan done it, and mi say lucky ting yu did talk star cause ah dat me did ah go do, and we laugh, and ah the last spar that,' he said.

He recently recorded a combination single with Marco Brand called 'Never Trouble Nobody' that was set to be released this month.

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