Big A - The Real Big Man in The Bizness


BigA.jpgAinsworth 'Big A' Higgins has been a disc jockey with Jamaica's number one radio station, IRIE FM for 16 years since the inception of the all-reggae, all-the-time radio station. Now that he has made his name as a disc jock, he has begun to tackle new projects. Enter Footsteps, a production house set up with his good friend, Lyndon 'Laza' House. They have put out a number of musical rhythms that have done pretty well locally.

"I am just trying to follow in the footsteps of great producers like King Jammys and King Tubbys, and also leave my own footsteps in the sands of time, so that a few years from now, people can say Big A did it that way," he said, explaining the origins of the name, 'Footsteps'.

"We have a new project just drop called HWT (Half Way Tree), Anthony Cruz scored big, LUST has a song called 'You Got Me', Lady Saw has a song called 'What If' and Tanya's 'Rescue', all of these songs will be on the respective artiste's albums, so I am pleased with how things have gone. Sales were pretty decent, and we got good support across the board," he told YardFlex.Com.

Big A said a new project is set to drop a new project soon, but said that he wanted to pace his productions because "you cannot make it seem like a conflict of interest because I am on the radio in the capacity as a disc jockey, and anyway, it takes time to do quality music, and we love doing production."