'On My Mind' on Major Local Charts

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Daville_promo_pic_3.jpgDa'ville's recently released single 'On My Mind' recorded on the Fashozy Record label is being distributed by Enery Beat. The single along with the video or enjoying a good amount of airplay on local radios and cable stations. 'On My Mind' has also made its debut on a local charts and promises to make it on others.

According to Da'Ville, the compliments he has been receiving for the song and video is overwhelming. "When I am walking someone will just walk up to me and say, "Mi love how yuh a work singer," he said. The singer futher said that 'Can't Get Over You' is also another big song for him. "Both songs have been creating quite an impact. As a matter of fact, 'Can't Get Over You' has just been added to VP Records Reggga Gold

2006 collection. Both songs will be featured on the Can't Get Over You album.

Da'Ville is expected to be on most if not all major upcoming summer events. "There will be no easing up for me. I will be very busy in the studios, on the music circuit and doing everything to the best of my ability that will please my fans," he said.