Tanisha Scott - Sean Paul's Choreographer


SeanPaulChoreographer.jpgChoreographer Tanisha Scott is doing big things in the entertainment world.

"I have a secondary role in an upcoming movie role 'Step' an independent Canadian production, where I am the best friend of the villain. I play a girl who just moved to Canada and started going to school, and that's pretty close to my real life, so it was good. I recently did a Sean Paul video for 'Give It Up To Me' for the 'Step Up' movie soundtrack, Tanisha Scott, the noted choreographer told YardFlex.Com while hanging out at the Cooyah XL party over the weekend.

She added, "I did a tour with Mariah Carey as well, but Sean is the main priority right now, at the end of the month, we are going to Europe, so things are happening,"