Sony To Distribute Dancehall Artiste Spragga Benz New Album


SpraggaBenzAlbum.jpgSpragga Benz has been working with famed producer Salaam Remy on his new upcoming album disc, for which he has signed a deal with Sony Records.

"I have been working with Salaam and Stephen Ventura on the tracks, now I just have to choose what to use. We have no title for the album yet, but Sony tek the rights to distribute it, so we a look forward to it," he told YardFlex.Com.

The deejay also has a number of new singles enjoying airplay on local radio such as 'Ms. Jamaica', and 'Inna Mi Style' with I-Lana. Known for the hit singles, "Hand Inna da Air," "Rude Bwoy Living," "No Cater," "Who Next," "No Fun Thing," "Mark Death," "Things a Gwaan," "Jump Up and Swear", Benz has been in the game a long time. In 2002, he issued his fourth album, Thug Nature, which featured extensive supporting contributions from his stable of up-and-coming talent, the Red Square Crew.