Reneto Adams Rides Again


reneto_adams.jpgThe man that criminals and admirers call 'Saddam' is
back in the saddle again. It was announced earlier
today that the controversial cop Senior
Superintendent Reneto Adams had been reinstated to the
police force.

Mr. Adams was advised on Monday morning by
Commissioner of Police, Lucius Thomas, that he had
been reinstated retroactive to June 6.

"I am extremely elated and excited that I have been
given another opportunity to serve the Jamaican people
in a a new capacity in intelligence-gathering," the
man who has been a police officer for 39 years, said.

Director of Communications, Karl Angel, had earlier
informed reporters that SSP Adams would be in charge
of intelligence gathering.

"I am collating, and managing the intelligence in an
actionable context, I will report directly to the
Commissioner, and I am going to use all my energy and
skill to make it a success," the loquacious
crime-fighter said.

SSP Adams was removed from front line duty after he
was charged in connection with the Crawle shootings
where four persons, two men and two women, were
killed. The case was rigorously investigated by Deputy
Commissioner Mark Shields, however, Adams was
acquitted late last year, much to the chagrin of the
human rights organisations, and the British

Adams has been involved in a number of controversial
shooting incidents including the West Kingston
shootings in Tivoli Gardens and the Braeton Seven
killings, both of which occurred in the year 2001.

"I am not going to miss the front line, I just want to
serve, whether it be the front line, the sideline or
the rear line, I just want to serve, I have never
asked for any special duties," he said.
Last year, Adams made a controversial single called
'To Protect and Serve' on the 'Carbine' rhythm at
Truckback studios in New Kingston. The song served a
stern warning to criminals, and became a cult classic
in Jamaican dancehall