Elephant Man Pleased To Be A 'Bad Boy' - Over Di Wall Album


Jigga Mattic
YardFlex Writer

elephant_Yardflex.jpgElephant Man is still basking in the glory of his Bad Boy Records album deal.

"The deal with Puffy just lock up, and the album will be released between August and September. Puffy ah go produce two songs pon the album, 'This is the Way We Roll' and 'Throw Your Hands Up'. It ah go mad, the dupes is back. When you see me, don't say Ele, just
say Bad Boy," Elephant Man told YardFlex reporter Jigga Mattic while he hung out at the Cooyah XL party at Morgan's
Harbour over the weekend.

The first single off the 'Over Di Wall' Album is "Willie Bounce" and they're currently shooting the video in Manhattan. Other artistes on the album include Mya, P. Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee and Lil Jon..