Hollow Point - "The Top Dagger"


Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

HollowPoint-CarlingtonWilmot-Photos_yardflex.jpgBrace yourself world for the next big thing, Shevon Toriano Stewart aka Hollow Point! A dapper, clean cut, quiet and humble artist, as we Jamaicans would say "one a way" meaning reserved. Do not be fooled by the flamboyant pretty boy look, Hollow point is a true gangsta much like his mentor the Wild Apachie Super Cat.

Hollow Point bounced back and forth between studios and producers for a little while before his cousin, dancehall artist Chico introduced him to his friend Alozade, who then introduced him to producer Scatta who made him a part of his camp for just about five years. He had a number of songs released on the Kings of Kings label in that time period.

After leaving this camp Hollow Point recorded for a selected few producers including Steelie and Clevie of studio 2000 .Cool Face another reputable producer introduced him to top record producer Don Carleon who gave him the opportunity to record a number of songs for his label including Most Infamous and the current smash hit Who Goes.

Hollow Point brings to the table versatility wrapped with a touch of yester-year the true core of reggae/dancehall music, breaking down all barriers and taking no prisoners. His journey to the world of entertainment has been a slow one but with time and patience he is far in the direction of becoming a superstar.

Chris Goldfinga of Golden Cartel/Universal Dancehall was one of the first producers to take Hollow Point's work to Greensleeves records when he recorded him on the Hard Drive riddim song title, Got You Deh. Clearly there was an interest in managing his career from then. Now under this new management Hollow Point hopes to establish his place in the international arena.

Hollow Point a complete package, good lyrics, good looks, great flow, topped off with a humble persona. A true legend is in the making.