'Mr. Peppa Songs To be Played on Hot 97.1FM - 'Dats Betta'

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By: Claude Mills
Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

Mr.Peppa_Hot97.jpgBrooklyn, New York:
Earlier this week, Mr. Peppa of 'Hypocrite' fame, landed a big break when he voiced three drops for DJ Jazzy Joyce, one of the top female disc jockeys on Hot 97.1 FM in New York.

He recorded dub plates of his dancehall hit, 'Hypocrite' on Cam'ron's 'Touch it or Not', then he did 'Gangsta Guerilla' on another Cam'ron joint, 'Wet Wipes' from his album called 'Killer Season', and even flipped a few rhymes on a reggaeton beat.

DJ Jazzy Joyce will be playing this Friday at 8 p.m. during her show, 'Ladies Night' which she hosts alongside DJ Coco Chanel, and who knows, she might just drop one of those dub plates tonight.
Mr. Peppa seemed pretty pleased with the opportunity.

"Well, it was a motivation to know that somebody of that caliber acknowledged an upcoming talent for Mr. Peppa. Used it as an inspiration to move forward," he told YardFlex.Com while hanging out at the Purple Chrome recording studio in the Bronx.

The New York trip has borne a lot of delightful new prospects for the deejay and he has been 'in the streets' making links with producers and players in the music biz.

"While I was at the HC & F studio in Long Island, I was voicing a song and the people who affiliated with a new artiste that G unit is looking to sign, heard me and expressed an interest in me being on a track with him and they plan to send on the track and we'll take it from there," Mr. Peppa revealed to reporter Jigga Mattic.

Mr. Peppa will be performing on a show next Wednesday in Hartford, Connecticut, on June 7, 2006.