Thugs Apologise - Beenie Man Says Things Back To Basic


By: Jigga Matic
Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

BeenieMan_CarlingtonWilmotPhotoYardFlex.jpgSources close to Beenie Man say that the incident that happened between Beenie Man and a couple of men on the Roy Wilkins park football field after the Irie Jam Celebrity Soccer Match is now 'forgotten'.

"The incident squash still, mi call the yute father, and him call him and 'wile' him up and tell him to apologise, and him call me and apologise so it done, everything criss, but me no know if any other man ah go waan follow it up. Right now, mi a try concentrate pon my album and my career, ah de so mi ting de right now," Beenie told YardFlex.Com.

While he has been in New York, Beenie Man has been on whirlwind press junket doing a series of radio and press interviews in the lead up to the release of his 'Undisputed' album.