Mr. Lex Goes to Las Vegas to Shoot Video With Bonafide Reggae Band


Mr.Lex-video.jpgDeejay Mr. Lex will be shooting a video in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada for a combination single, 'Reggae's Real' with singer Luciano and a reggae group called Bonafide which is based in Las Vegas.

"The single is getting a good buzz in Jamaica and getting good airplay on several radio stations in Las Vegas, like 98.5 FM, and it is a good sign for reggae here in this part of the US. Our reggae band has played to sold out shows at the House of Blues, Santa Fe, and even Mandalay Bay. Las Vegas is a hot spot for reggae right now," Junior Roots, the lead singer of Bonafide, told YardFlex.Com.

The Bonafide band is comprised of the Stephens brothers, Junior Roots, Ricky Dread, Kevin, Waynie Bass and Terry.

"We're also doing well internationally, we played at a venue in New Zealand which was sold out with 7,000 people," Junior Roots said.
The band scored a hit called 'Come Back to Me' in Hawaii recently, and you can check out the band's biography and photos at

In the meantime, Mr. Lex will be flying to Las Vegas on Wednesday to begin a three-day shoot by a director whose name was given as 'Jamie'.

"I am looking forward to it, I liked working with them and Luciano on the single which samples the 'To Be Real' golden oldie, so I am excited about the project," Mr.Lex said.

The band's next show will be in Orange County, California on June 16th.