'Shortman' Claims Ding Dong Wants to Rip off His New Dance Called 'Surf'


Jigga Mattic
YardFlex Reporter

ShortMan_YardFlex.jpgShortman from the Fras Crew has made claims that Ding Dong is trying to rip off his 'Surf' dance that he built for a song done by Shifter on the 'Wipeout' riddim. However, it is a claim that Ding Dong, who originated the Bad Man Forward, Bad Man Pull Up dance, denies because he says that

"One of the members of the Fras Crew go ah Gabba Sundays a few weeks ago and he said that DJ Whiteman announced that Ding Dong have a new dance called 'Surf', but Surf is a dance that me build a Foota Hype Birthday Bash seven weeks ago when I heard Shifter's song. So from that Gabba Sunday, me see him couple times and him no do the dance, but mi hear say him do it at other places when me not there, but is my dance, how him fi try tek it," Shortman told YardFlex.com.
"Me ah the only one wid a rubber surf body board and me carry it everywhere me go, so him fi just leave my dance alone."

For his part, Ding Dong, when questioned about Shortman's allegations just laughed. When reporter Jigga Mattic approached him while Ding Dong was making his way through the JFK international airport in New York, Ding took off his knapsack, and rummaged through his back to take out a file folder with newspaper clippings. He showed the reporter a cut-out of an article published in the Hard Copy newspaper four years ago where he had been photographed doing a similar 'Surf' dance.

"Why me woulda want tief Shortman Surf dance? Me always do my own ting, me do a Surf dance years ago, and plus that dance can only do for one riddim and that's Wipeout and it skettel out with too many artistes. Shortman need fi study the music more, ah me mek people start dance again, ah me go fi Keiva and dem after Bogle dead and nobody no waan go out again, ah me say Bad Man Forward, Bad Man Pull Up, and ah that and Dutty Wine still ah run the place, Shortman need fi just easy himself, mi no waan tief him dance," he said.

Ding Dong was in New York to perform at Squeeze's show in the Bronx, and the following day he made an appearance at the Irie Jam Celebrity Soccer Match at Roy Wilkins Park where he scored a brilliant individual goal to help the entertainers win 2-1.
So who owns the Surf dance, and will it take off? Only time will tell.