Jovi Makes appearance in Mr Vegas/Machel Montana Video in Times Square


By: Jigga Matic

Jovi_Rockwell_TimesSquare.jpgSinger Jovi, whose single 'Rizzla' is enjoying excellent rotation on local radio stations, recently made an appearance in a Machel Montana/Mr. Vegas video for their reggaeton flavoured single, 'Dance With You'.

YardFlex.Com spent the day with her on the shoot which was held in the middle of Times Square on Memorial Day, right outside ABC Good Morning America studio. Dressed in a sexy outfit and sporting roller blades, Jovi and two other skater girls shot scenes crossing the less-than-frantic Times Square streets, narrowly dodging taxi cabs, and generating interest from roaming tourists and one police cruiser. Jovi and her girls flirted openly with NYPD police officers who chatted up the girls. The director of the video which is sponsored by Cable and Wireless is Mark Humphrey. Grant Mercer, senior vice president of marketing and communications in the Caribbean Region for C & W was also present.

Jovi plays Machel's love interest in the video, and had a really fun time with the experience, even freestyling for passers-by and keeping everyone entertained with her unique offbeat personality.

"It was a really great experience, being in the middle of Times Square, and just filming, I am just learning a lot right now, and I thought that the scene with the cops was pretty hot," she said.

When Machel Montana arrived, he said in amazement: 'this shit is going to look dope'.

He explained how the song got made:

"This song is very special to me, and I released it last year but it was late in the season, and it didn't have the jump up vibe, so when the carnival season in Trinidad was over, I played the song for Mr. Vegas, he liked it, and we remixed it in reggaeton and released it this year, and it has played every day since then in Trinidad. Mr. Vegas has a song on the same riddim called 'Genie Wine' as well. The riddim was done by two Cuban guys who live in Sweden and have a dancehall sound system called Topaz, so it has a real international flavour, they love dancehall but programme reggaeton, the riddim bad bad, but it's good to get together with different people from different cultures and do music."

Both Mr. Vegas and Machel are managed by Leslie Cooney.

On the second day of the shoot, director Mark Humphrey will shoot a prepaid roaming commerical for Cable and Wireless using the artistes. The theme of the ad is that, according to Michael Look Tong, vice president of Marketing, "you can take the Caribbean with you as there is no hassle and no deposit to be made on your b-mobile phone when you travel overseas, just take your phone and go, you can ask someone to top it up for you later'.