Helen Lindsay – Patiently Waiting for Her Break

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By Cecelia Campbell-Livingston

Helen_Lindsay.jpgShe is talented and set on making big strides in the music business. You could say she started being groomed for the big times from as far back as she remember. Her name is Helen Lindsay and she has had a
love affair with music for almost seventeen years now.

It all started when she was a little girl of five years old. According to Helen she would use singing as therapy whenever she was sad.

She first started singing in church, as her father was a piano player. He would take her along with him "and I was always placed in the front bench with the choir. I would sing along not knowing the song, but i was the seed that was being planted for my love of
music," Helene reminisced with a smile.

Born in Kingston, Helen attended several schools there, including Waterford Primary, before going on to Continuation High in St. Mary. She later migrated to the USA. While going to college there she was very active in radio. She briefly thought about being a nurse, but singing was uppermost in her mind and it was a desire she could not ignore.

Helen got the chance she needed to show her talent when she met Scaramooch of Junkyard Record who saw her potential.

Since then Helen has been working on her recordings both independently and with other producers including Junkyard Records. Among the recordings she has done are 'No Lazy Body' (with Anthony B) and 'Please Be True' with Daddy U-Roy. She has also done back-up
singing for artistes such as Yami Bolo and other top artistes from Jamaica who performed in New York.

Helen is aware of the stiff competition to make it in the music business, but she is not worried about it, as she says "I am bringing love which is now crying to be free for all mankind in a world that is filled with hate, fear and despair."

Although singing is her life Helen is ensuring that she has something to fall back on. She is presently in college studying to be a pharmacist. No matter how long it takes to make it to the big times Helen is prepared to work hard and wait. Etched in her memory is the advice of a famous country singer on being successful: "She said three words; faith, courage and determination, and I got it," she shared with YardFlex.com.

For those who have not seen this up coming singer in action then the opportunity will soon present itself as she has several shows in the making.

Look out for her - she is ready!