Sizzla Lands Pro Keds Sneaker Deal


By: Claude Mills
Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

SizzlaKalonjProKeds.jpgSizzla's new found friendship with Damon Dash has realized a new sneaker deal.

"The sneaker deal is just for year, it's a deal with Pro Ked, only in America. On the sneaker, yu will have the Pro-Keds sign, them you have the Sizzla sign, no special colours, we just endorse it same way. It is just to promote the name still, still get a percentage off it for a year," he told YardFlex.Com.

Will you be promoting it?

"Yea, man, yu tink Sizzla nah promote? The people just want it bredrin, So is the same principle again. accept all these things, see if we can get any income from it, any progress out of it, from it good and positive, we just deal with it."

Did you have a say in the design? Will the sneaker be in rasta colours?

"We help design it, but at the same time, Prod keds is still a Pro keds, me just want to mek it hit the market and take it from there. Just market yourself, man, if you name rasta, Selassie, everyting engrave wid him name on it, I and I is just Sizzla, I want to make a Sizzla belt, and a shirt that design a way, we just want to find a company that can make it, so that the quality stitch is there, so that people will accept it in the fashion world."

He also has a clothing line called Miguel Maklonen (author) which will be unleashed on the public soon.

Last year, it was reported that Sizzla had signed to Damon Dash Music Group (DDMG) but Sizzla has refuted that claim saying "we're just good friends...I have not signed with him...we're only doing the sneaker deal...but he is a good friend of mine and I hope to invite him to August Town one day, but I have to get certain arrangements in terms of security in place first before that happens."

Sizzla did not choose to divulge the monetary details of the sneaker deal, but the deal fulfils a promise that Dash made last year. During an interview with YardFlex.Com last October, Dash said:

"I own a lot of different business, and promoting is what I do, so there are plans to put out a Sizzla sneaker for PROKEDS, and there are plans for a book, a clothing line, a movie, a documentary, the whole nine yards, I am going all out on this project."

Dash currently operates multiple businesses including Tiret watch company, DDMG, and both State Property and Rachel Roy clothing lines.

In the meantime, Sizzla's 16-track 'Ain't Gonna See Us Fall' disc for New York-based VP Records was recently released and features production work from Neil 'Arthur Whale' Amos for Free Willy Productions, Christopher 'Langman' Birch, Rohan 'Sno Cone' Fuller and Dwayne Chin-Quee for Black Chiney.

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