Mr. Lex & His Wife Tunia Back Together Again


By: PaPPa & RaZZi

Lexus&WifeTunia.jpgReunited and it feels so good. Reunited 'cause we understood...These are the words from the old Peaches and Herb classic that Mr. Lex must be crooning these days as he has reconciled with his wife of three-and-a-half years, Tossan Campbell-Palmer, former Ms. Petite Jamaica 1999.

The couple got back together again after a trial separation recently and word is that things are even better now between the two.

"Every couple has problems, every couple goes through these challenges...but ah just love, Tunya means a lot to me, she's a very important part of my life, both of us are more mature now, so yes, we're together again...respect," Mr. Lex told YardFlex.Com today.

Today is Mr. Lex's birthday, and the couple will be celebrating this festive occasion by heading to the North Coast to stay at one of the Hedonism resorts for a few days. They declined to specify which one.
"It has been seven years since we've been together, three years since we've been married and you know, how those things go, we have arguments like everybody else, and last year, he moved out...this was meant to be, we're still in love," Tossan said.

The couple posed for a photograph for YardFlex.Com beside Mr. Lex's sleek black Benz motor vehicle before they zoomed off to the North Coast earlier today.

Last year, it had seemed a certainty that the marriage was 'on the rocks' after Mr. Lex moved out of the matrimonial home last May. At the time, Tossan, 26, had denied that a divorce was in the works for the couple and insisted that no matter how bad things got that they would work it out. And boy, was she right!

Sources close to the couple said that they had begun dating and seeing each other again since late last year, but "things were still a bit sticky', However, sources divulged that as of late, the union seemed to have recaptured the magic because the relationship has regained some of the former glow and lustre that made the union such a great one in its earlier years.

Stay logged on to YardFlex.Com for more information as word is that there is a special surprise on the way for Mr. Lex and Tunya. When they're ready, YardFlex will buss it for the world to know.

There's one perfect fit
And, sugar, this one is it
We both are so excited
'Cause we're reunited, hey, hey