Aidonia Responds to Skatta's Comments


By: Claude Mills
Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

IdoniaA-CarlingtonWilmot-Photos_YardFlex.jpgAidonia told YardFlex.Com that he has not yet been
contacted by well-known 'Coolie Dance' producer Cordell 'Skatta' Burrell regarding management ties, yet he has been assailed by a lot of rumours that his now ex-manager has cut all ties with him.

"I have not heard from Skatta since last week Thursday when he called me and asked if I was going to come in to sign the contract or not. I told him I was doing my hair, mi soon come in, but him hang up and mi no hear nutten since then, me no hear nutten official yet about this management issue... just this one bag a negative thing, the media ah call mi phone, one bag of rugu-rugu, and me and the man no have nothing," Aidonia said.

"I was given the contract nearly two weeks ago, and mi review certain tings wid mi family because dem a represent mybest interest and nutten no wrong wid dat because after all, a contract is a compromise between managment and the artiste. And there were certain things that I never liked, so mi have to look out for myself, this is my career."

He said that he would 'just watch out the rest of the week to see wha really a gwaan' before he made a decision. Aidonia currently has a small armada of singles such as 'Kingfish ah Come', 'Oku' and 'Send Fi Di Tings Dem' with Bounty Killer which are creating a buzz on the streets.

What will be the next episode in this unfolding drama? Stay logged on to YardFlex to find out, we are always 'on top of things'.