Splitsville Between 'Skatta' & 'Aidonia'


By: Claude Mills
Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

Idonia-CarlingtonWilmot-Photos_YardFlex.jpgCordell 'Skatta' Burrell has cut off all management ties with deejay Aidonia, who he has managed for the past 14 months.

"Aidonia says that I cannot manage him exclusively, and he has refused to sign a contract my lawyer put together for him," Skatta told YardFlex.Com while responding to rumours that have circulated since late last week that there was once again friction in the camp.

"I still believe in him, he is a talented artiste, but he needs to know say him wrong. How can you be that ungrateful? It's not his talent alone that put him where he is right now, he is very talented, but millions were spent on promotion and development of the artiste, and he has not help up his end, loyalty is the most important thing in this business. None of the great artistes make it without a good management structure, Buju, Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Shaggy, look at what they have done because they have remained loyal and true to what they are doing."

Aidonia, whose real name is Sheldon Aitana Lawrence, had a bonafide hit last year, 'Lolly' only two months after joining forces with 'Skatta', however, he has yet to hit the charts again, although songs such as 'Oku' and 'Kingfish Ah Come' have been getting a lot of buzz in the streets lately. Earlier this year, media reports indicated that there was trouble in the camp, but the impasse' was soon resolved, and the two reconciled. But this split, given the rhetoric flying around, looks like it's for good.

"His behaviour is unacceptable, and his behaviour is going to make other managers not want to invest time and money in young artistes again, nobody nah go waan tek up dem career. He is saying that he is going to make his sister, who do four years at UWI, manage him, but why her four years at UWI wasn't able to buss him in the first place in the hearts of the people?

Aidonia and Skatta had an association for 14 months but Aidonia had never been given an ultimatum to sign until now.

"Him can make his sister, and him family manage him career. Him don't care about the money I've spent so far, mi just ah go call it ah loss, right now, it nuh mek no sense. Him mess up big time and mi caan deal wid him, this is the last time him ah go mess up wid me."