Unity Splash - Youth Fundraiser

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It's Lykle Bit 30th b-day, and as most people would do they would celebrate it, either by having some bashment dance or with family and friends. Lykle Bit on the other hand decided to have a fundraiser to raise funds in assistance of providing tickets to the youths in the community to attend an amusement park such as wonderland, CNE, etc. The reason behind this is that most parents cannot afford to give their children a summer to remember; we all know that at the begining of the school year most teachers want to know what they did for the summer; most of them dont have an answer, now they do.

"I have local Toronto artist who have volunteered their time in support of my idea to come out and perform because they thought it is different and that it is for a good cause. I also have DJs coming out to play variety of music and Big G (www.biggonline.com radio show host) hosting the event.

Once the fundraiser is over, I will set a b-b-q date and use some of the proceeds to coordinate it, and purchase the tickets (musement park) at that time I will give away the tickets to the youths who attend the b-b-q. Note that the b-b-q and the tickets are free for the community.