Snoop Dogg Arrested - Heathrow Airport

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SnoopDawg.jpgThere were media reports recently that rapper Snoop Dogg had been arrested after a disturbance at Heathrow airport. The US star was detained by police when a row broke out after his 30-strong entourage was refused entry to the British Airways first-class lounge at the airport's Terminal 1.

His party was then alleged to have moved to a duty-free shop where it was said they threw bottles of whisky to the floor and argued with staff. Police were called to the airport and were escorting the group away from the scene when a further disturbance broke out, Scotland Yard said.

Seven officers received minor injuries - mainly cuts and bruises - and one suffered a fracture to the hand. The superstar rapper grew up on the gang-infested streets of Long Beach, California and ended up on the wrong side of the law.

In 1993 he was tried and acquitted for murder - the same year he found fame with debut album Doggystyle. Since then he has become a movie star, appearing in the Starsky and Hutch remake, and has even been invited to speak at the Oxford Union.