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Chuck Fender's 'Gash Dem & Light Dem' Banned


ChuckFenda-YardFlex.jpgZIP FM and IRIE FM have banned Chuck Fender's uptempo hit, 'Gash Dem' on recommendations made by the Broadcasting Commission. According to electronic mass media regulations in Jamaica, the commission itself does not ban any specific recordings or programmes, but they can make recommendations, and it appears that both IRIE and ZIP concur with their assessment of the song.

It is unclear whether other stations will follow suit.

The lyrics mirror the love of Jamaican artistes for the 'incendiary' with calls to 'burn' out negative elements that plague the society.

Gash dem and light dem
For the negative vibes weh dem a bring
Gash dem and lite dem
Mi come fi mash up and wreck up
Dem senseless killing
Gash dem and lite dem
Boy haffi reverse wid dem bag a gun ting
Gash dem and lite dem
Stand guard and come outa di wages of sin."
(Gash Dem an Light Dem, Chuck Fender).

What do you think? Is this song 'bannable'? Or should the BC mind its own BC bizness?

Reggae Sumfest 2018


Reggae Sumfest 2018