Mr. Peppa Way - 'Gangsta Guerilla' - Video Shoot


By: PaPa & RaZZi

Mr. Peppa shot the music video for his slamming new single, 'Gangsta Guerilla' last weekend. The shoot took place over two days in the Corporate Area, and featured scenes from shot at such locations as the juice factory in Allman Town, Kingston, the 'white room' at ADVIDCO, and the Habibi Latino Restaurant in New Kingston.

"The video depicts the 'survival mode' that everyone in this society, whether rich or poor, can relate to, the struggle to survive and function in a very competitive society so this song addresses some critical social issues. The concept for it was Mark's (Pinnock) idea, and I added in some parts. When it makes its debut in two weeks, it's going to be crazy," Mr. Peppa told

GangsterPeppaVideo-YardFlexA.jpgThe director of the video is Maci-Don, and the editor is Endless.
"We have some real footage of motorists winding up their car windows at the approach of street youths, we have an 'uptown yute' going through similar struggle, because we really face the same kind of struggles whoever you are," he reasoned.

Are you concerned that 'Gangsta Guerilla' may be regarded as a 'thug anthem' rather than a clever bit of social commentary?

"Not really. The song addresses social issues but from you say, 'Gangsta Guerilla, we no tek chat...', people will interpret that in a more thuggish manner

The single appears on the 'Gully Slime' rhythm, the latest Natural Bridge project, and will be distributed by In the Streetz. Other songs on the rhythm include Matterhorn's 'Goodas Fi Dem, as well as song by WARD 21 and a combination between Mr. Lex and Vegas. The video is expected to premiere on local cable and TV stations within the next two weeks.

You can see Mr. Peppa live at a show this Saturday at Weekenz on Constant Spring Road, St. Andrew.