Who Said 'Any Icon Who Kill Another Fi Get Bullet Bullet Bullet'


TwinsOfTwinsYardFlexCarlingtonWilmot.jpgThe 'any icon weh killa next icon' argument got deeper over this weekend when the comedic duo, Twins of Twins, accused selector Richie Feelings of being the one who uttered the inflammatory statement.

"Ah Richie Feelings say that any icon weh kill another icon fi get bullet, anno we," Patrick Gaynor, of the duo, Twins of Twins, told YardFlex.Com.

"We nah put nutten out de that is not out there already, artiste fi be intelligent, look pon Lexxus, him neva have no great problem wid our CD, the argument that we come up wid (one pertaining to oral sex), him never really want it come up again, but it did already out de, ah just comment we ah comment pon it," Patrick Gaynor said.

However, Richie Feelings insists that he never advocated any violence against 'any icons'.

"Why dem ah come try mix me up inna dem passa passa? Mi neva say that. At the dance last year, mi say, 'any man kill a icon, a foundation or a veteran...ah dis me a play fi dem, and mi play Capleton's 'Wicked Man Shall Have to Fall...', and mi have the CD fi prove that! The man dem fi low me outta dem careless argument star," Richie Feelings, a selector of Stone Love Movements, said.