Sexy Singjay Danielle - Eager To Make Her Mark


Carlington Wilmot Photo

daniel-videoshoot_YardFlex.jpgShe is determined, confident and ready to launch big time on the entertainment scene. Danielle knows it's a tough business to break into, but she is confident that her charisma, personality and talent will cut a niche for herself in the dancehall arena.

Currently, "I am focusing on marketing myself right now". She has recently completed a single titled 'Sexual Healing' with Gramps from Morgan's Heritage. The single was released last week and she is expecting big things from it. The song is a remake of Marvin Gaye's hit "with my own interpretation on it," the DJ pointed out.

It is not hard to predict that Danielle will go places as her winsome personality, her childlike grin and her aptitude for music is evident when you talk with her.

Born in Kingston, Danielle enjoys swimming, listening to dancehall, hip hop, R&B, and writing music. She is somewhat free spirited and believes in being happy no matter what her circumstances are. She admits, however, that when the decisions are important, she plans ahead accordingly.

She delights in all types of cuisine, but especially loves Oyster and other seafood. Her taste in fashion goes all the way to Europe, as she adores Italian designers and French perfume.

Her relationship with music dates back a long time. While in high school she hungrily gobbled up dancehall music, listening to the racy rants of Lady Saw, and the boastful lyrical bites of Beenie Man, among other leading artistes. At the same time, however, she kept the sounds of hip hop, and R&B close to her heart. Rapper Lil Kim, Jay-Z, Foxy Brown and Usher are among the names she posted on her listening roster, even up to this day.

She constantly wrote tracks over the years, and even while in the USA studying, she never stopped listening to dancehall music. Ultimately, she could not ignore the call of dancehall for long, and decided to return to Jamaica.