Outrageous! - "Kelis Was Here"


KelisYardFlex.jpgWhat's shakin guys, so lets see, where are we? finally shot my video. mark klasfeld is dope and I look outrageous (my new word). Its for my song of course "bossy" too short is on it. the ultimate O.G and he's doin his thing. U should be seein me any day now as I'm officially bossed up.

Hmmm what else can I share with u fine people.... oh between just us of course I cut off all my hair folks. I chopped it off in the first scene of my video and for all haters naysayers and just plane fools it was no weave, wig or lace front or extensions it was the hair the good Lord provided me with for all these years and I feel again absolutely outrageous....its my tribute to "salt n pepa" but year 2010ish.... u know asymmetrical kinda style... I luv it... its cute my mom says I look jus like her now ( she's rockin a cute short 'do also).

And people I gotta tell u the breeze on my neck feels fantastic. Also I shot my album cover with marcus klinko who did my album cover for "tasty". As I said before I changed my album title to "kelis was here" so me n my friend who's "one of the kids" if u know what I mean came up with this cute idea of me all over the world, shot kinda like helmut newton style who I luv.

Like me in india or ny or thailand. I haven't seen the pics yet cause I guess there not ready yet but I can't wait. My album drops june 13 my darlings and I feel like I've been pregnant for a year and a half and I'm ready for it to come out! My crazy best friend is here sayin that's a gross reference and I shouldn't say that but I told her to leave me alone and this is how I talk and I tell u no lies I'm ready. I'll hit u all later homies much
luv. Kelis xoxoxoxoxox

Source: Kelis Blog