Leftside and Esco 'Whistle' for Wata


Leftside&EscoWata.jpgThe new single, Whistle, performed by the duo of Leftside and Esco, has been creating waves since the video hit television screens a little over two weeks ago. The soca-influenced song which is really a take off from the Iwer George hit Water (recorded a while back), has been embraced by the Wata product for its latest promotional vehicle.

'This song is basically a work for hire. The distributors of the Wata product wanted to recreate a song coming off the Iwer George song. The vibe has been good so far', Matthew 'Esco' Thompson explained in an interview on the weekend.

Although a bit suggestive, Whistle appears to have been embraced by loyal soca enthusiasts. 'We hope it will do well for the carnival season. If you notice, the video has a lot of girls, and we tried to create a whole different look', added Thompson.

The video for Whistle was shot on location in Lime Cay a few weeks ago and YardFlex's finest was there PaPa & Razzi.