Twins of Twins Says 'Not Quite So' To Beenie Man's Allegation


By: Claude Mills
Photo By: Warlington

TwinsOfTwinsYardFlex.jpgHenry K, the manager of the duo, Twins of Twins, has categorically denied that the Twins of Twins had said 'any icon weh kill a next icon fi get bullet' on their new CD, 'Stir It Up, Vol. Sicks' which was launched a few weeks ago.

"The song that Beenie is referring to is "From the Same Places" and nowhere on that track does Twins of Twins say that. They respect Beenie, and they would never say anything like that which would paint him in a negative light, especially since they know how delicate the situation is," he told YardFlex.Com over the weekend.

"On the track, they are merely commenting on the similarities between the Tupac-Biggie thing, and the rivalries in dancehall. These guys come from the same places and the system sets them up in opposition against each other, that's what they're talking about...the system."

The lyrics go:

"From the minute you are born, life is a struggle/Did Beenieman really kill off Bogle? A top class icon first class mogul/It's not fair for you to say that its Beenie/Right now he wished he had a genie/he wouldn't wish for a lamborghini, he wish bogle was hear to say did u see me? or was it eenie, meenie, mini moe, we were set up by the system from the get go..."

However, it was reported last year that during one of their skits, Twins of Twins, where they imitate a personality, the offending phrase, 'any icon kill another icon fi get a bullet'. YardFlex checks however reveal that this phrase does not, in fact, appear on the CD, so Beenie Man's arguments appear on the surface to be baseless.

In an interview last week, Beenie Man told reporter, Jigga Mattic that the Twins had disrespected him by dredging up the emotive issue.
"How dem fi diss the pattern when me even defend dem when Blacka did waa rush them ova mi stage show ah Waterhouse? How de 'icon fi get bullet' ting drop in? Me no have nutten fi do wid Bogle death!" he declared angrily.

Beenie Man was referring to an incident in January when the Twins were performing at an annual treat held by Beenie Man at the Waterhouse Mini-stadium, Drewsland. The Twins claimed that persons aligned to Black-Er threw bottles at them while they were on stage, doing the single, 'Girl When Yuh Boyfriend Is Never Ever There'.
The friction stemmed from Black-er's hit song with Macka Diamond, 'Bun Him', with which the Twins had taken exception, and had re-christened Black-er with the decidedly feminine, 'Black-Her'. At the time, the Twins had issued a warning to Black-Er. "Mi would'n advise him fi do nutt'n like dat weh happen a Beenie show again, yuh hear mi," said Patrick.

But that episode and the negative vibes had been quashed in subsequent meetings between the two camps.

In the meantime, Beenie Man is presently off the island, and could not be reached for comment. The Twins are also in England, and will not return to the island before April 15th.