Voise Mail Head to Japan to Promote Album


VoiseMailYardFlex.jpgMale vocal group Voise Mail has been on a high lately. The trio which comprises Oneil, Kevin and Craig, will head to Japan later this month for a two-week jaunt aimed at promoting their debut album Hayee.

The album was released in Japan earlier this year, and based on information gleaned from the Internet, the album ranks as one of the top sellers in that part of the world, over the past two months.
Hayee will be released in the Caribbean and the US later this year. It contains the hits Tribute To Bogle (Wacky Dip), Jamaican Jiggas, and Do What You Feel Like among others. The group's latest chart entry is Get Crazy, which is riding local charts as well as the New York reggae chart.

On April 22, Voise Mail will participate in a celebrity basketball match in Kingston. The event is set to raise funds for various charities. The group recently gave the island proceeds from performances in Cayman and Connecticut, USA.