Beenie Man Threatens to 'Bam Rush' Twins of Twins


By: Jigga Mattic
Photo By Carlington Wilmot

BeenieManYardFlex.jpgDeejay Beenie Man is ticked off at the Twins of Twins for comments the comedians made on their new CD, 'Stir It Up, Vol. Sicks' which was launched a few weeks ago.

"I was there listening to them CD, and mi a ded with laugh ova wha dem a say 'bout me and D'Angel, and den dem come in wid some eediat ting 'bout 'any icon weh kill a next icon fi get bullet'. How that drop in? That is a serious argument, dem a try set me up, mi no like it rasta and anywhere me see dem, mi a go rush dem wid stone and bottle. Mi a go page dem wicked, who dem tink dem is? Dem is comedian, me is a deejay, dem caan war wid me, mi vex, and anywhere me see dem, mi a go rush dem...ah de so mi ting de right now," Beenie Man told YardFlex.Com yesterday.

"How dem fi diss the pattern when me even defend dem when Blacka did waa rush them ova mi stage show ah Waterhouse? How de 'icon fi get bullet' ting drop in? Me no have nutten fi do wid Bogle death!" he declared angrily.

"Dem violate wid the argument 'bout say ah me kill Bogle. And mi ago discipline Dem."

Efforts to get a comment from 'Twins of Twins' proved futile.