Sex Tape Saga Blows Up - KingFish A Come


SexTape.jpgR & B superstar R. Kelly had a highly incriminating one, and even sexy socialite Paris Hilton had an
energetic cameo in one that boosted her career and made her infamous. However the 63 year-old former trade ambassador Peter King tops them all with a whopping 30 sex tapes, each reportedly more lurid than
the next.

Police sources have revealed that the sex tapes, which are now in the hands of investigators, have 'revealing' scenes involving a number of well-known figures from the local media, business, political and even the entertainment fraternities. The clout wielded by these 'pillars of society' has already set tongues wagging that the police may be party to an extensive cover-up to save the reputations of these individuals.

"I am hoping that, if these tapes do exist and if there is sexual activity involving underage boys taking place on them, that the police levels charges against the guilty parties, whoever they are," Betty Ann Blaine, convenor of Hear the Children's Cry, told

"There must be no cover-up, I know that the police has to take time to do a thorough investigation, and I am willing to wait as long as the truth will be told in the end."

In the meantime, the 'Sex Tape Saga' has graduated into a pop culture phenomenon of sorts, dominating water cooler gossip where conversations are often punctuated by the provocative question: Yu nuh hear who and who de pon the tape?

The fingerpointing is on in earnest, and many people are running scared, and reportedly having anxiety attacks about the possibility of ruined reputations. At least one police officer is said to have resigned his job in the wake of the intense speculation surrounding an alleged 'starring' role in the tapes, but a YardFlex.Com probe was unable to ascertain whether
his resignation was directly related to the damaging tapes.

While some scramble to save their reputations, some entertainers have jumped at the opportunity to deliver some stinging social commentary regarding the lurid details of the Peter King affair. Whoever said that social commentary was dead in Jamaican dancehall?

Deejay Vybz Kartel has already weighed in with a single called 'Who was the King Man?' on DJ Kareem's new rhythm.

The words go:

Who was Peter King man?
A wha dat dem a flim, man?
Mi hear say some big man name inna de ting, man
Anno Bounty Killer, anno me and anno Bling, don
So who was the King man? The King man, the King Man

Singer Junior 'One Blood' Reid has already recorded 'The Tape' for JR Productions which gleefully declares: "Dem caan wait, the people dem caan wait fi see who and who and who de pon the tape/mi get fi find
out say artiste de pon the tape, mi get find out say streetboy de pon the tape..."

In the meantime, noted dub poet DYCR recorded a single, 'We Waan See the Tape' for Downsound Records yesterday which suggests that "we waan fi see the tape/we waan fi see the tape/Yea, what a piece a
pocco-pocco/When the tape buss...we hear say some doctor de pon the tape, some lawyer de pon the tape/Some top entertainer de pon the tape who say dem a gallis straight".

Regardless of the apparent glee in the entertainment community regarding the content, identities and starring roles of individuals in the sex tapes, the issue nonetheless raises serious ethical, moral and legal concerns regarding the videotaping of persons against their will, and the possible invasion of their privacy.

What will happen next? Rest assured, YardFlex.Com will have it live and in living colour.