The Birth of Mafia House Productions - Beenie, D'Angel & Don Mafia


By: Claude Mills
Photos By: Carlington Wilmot

MafiaHousebirthCarlingtonWilmotPhoto.jpgFamily is forever. That's the main reason that Beenie Man, the self-proclaimed King of the Dancehall, has formed his very own production house, Mafia House Productions. In this venture, he will be the Capo di tutti capi (boss of bosses) of a group of talented artistes that will include D'Angel, real 'stand-up' guys like Don Mafia, and Hugh Lynch the studio engineer.

"In February last year, we registered the domain name, Don Mafia for the website, and we have gradually put things into play. My upcoming album has a lot of Mafia House-produced tracks, and with Angel coming on board, it compliments the whole thing. Director Nordia Rose is also a key part of the whole thing, we seek out and get the best talent...ah Mafia House ting," Beenie Man told YardFlex.Com.

Beenie Man, who is a Grammy winning artiste signed to Virgin Records, is intent on establishing Mafia House as a big player in the international dancehall market, and is seeking out talented artistes who can help to form the core of what will be a powerful new force in the business.

"It is already in the works where Mafia House will be signed to an international label, even Scott Starks wants to sign us now because he is so confident in what we have to offer, but we want to build an independent company, and then carry what we have built in to a major record company...we are not going to run into anyone," Beenie said confidently.

"Mafia House Productions is a lyrical continent, some man have lyrical content, we have the lyrical continent...Content is just a small place inna St. Elizabeth," he quipped.

One key member of Mafia House is Hugh Lynch, a.k.a Nose, known for his innovative beats and his uncanny instinct for hit rhythms, who will be the main engineer behind the productions. However, the media buzz presently surrounds the red-hot rookie to the Dancehall Game, Angel, who is Beenie Man's latest protege'.

"I feel very good about the whole thing, I am very excited to be on board. Last year was a productive year for me, and this year is shaping up to be even better, hooking up with Moses, he can take my career to a new level," Angel said.

Angel shot into the public eye last year with her hit single, 'Downtown Girl Living an Uptown Life' that established her as an artiste in her own right.

"It's just a blessing what I have been able to accomplish, and a lot of obstacles that I faced along the way only served to make me stronger," she said.

She will be working on her debut album which has been tentatively entitled, 'Blessed Child' on which she will be working with top-notch local and overseas producers.

"I have met Scott Starks, the real big man, and I am looking forward to meeting, and possibly working with Jermaine Dupri in the future, Beenie is opening a lot of doors for me, I admire his work ethic and his no-nonsense approach to the music, he is taking my career to extreme heights," Angel said.

Asked about the challenges she will face working with Mafia House Productions, she responded confidently:

"I am ready for the war, ready for the challenge, I know that doing this project with Beenie Man may attract some amount of opposition from people, but just looking at Beenie's life, he's been through a lot, and he has persevered, and succeeded at the highest level, he is a fighter, I am a fighter, and I know that Mafia House Productions will be a huge success."

Angel and Beenie Man will be shooting a video for the radio hit, 'One Man', a combination single on the Global rhythm that has been blowing up all over FM radio in Jamaica.

"There will definitely be more combinations in store for the future, and Beenie is always supportive, he did a few ad libs, and the intro for my latest single, 'Death Row' and we are looking forward to working together on many more projects in the future," she said.

In the meantime, the boss will be ensuring that his very own 'Cosa Nostra', Mafia House Productions explodes with a bang in the marketplace.

"We're going to do it real big, we're going to use my Hummer as a promotional vehicle for Mafia House, ah mad ting, dem caan deal wid it, everyting billias," he said, with his trademark chuckle.

Beenie Man's long-time 'consigliere', Don Mafia, the man who has penned a number of hits including last year's runaway hit 'One Bag a Lie', may also play an integral part in the project.

Beenie Man is confident that the project will not distract him too much from his contractual obligations to Virgin Records which will release his 'Undisputed' album - the fourth of a five-album deal -- in June this year.

"My time with Virgin has been sweet, I have been able to go around the world, without Virgin, that would not have been possible, because of Virgin, mi tour the world twice, 13 years straight, mi a perform all over the world, from the top to the bottom, but as soon as mi album deal is over, ah it that, mi a sign Mafia House to a major international label," he said.