Bounty Killer and CeCile Dating?


By: Jigga Mattic

Bounty&CecileYardFlex.jpgTalk about your unusual 'Changes'.The streets have it that Cecile, who recorded 'Woman Tings', a big top ten hit last year, may be involved in an intimate relationship with deejay Bounty Killer a.k.a 'The Warlord'.

Word is that the two have been spotted on cozy dates in and around the Corporate Area, and Cecile frequents Oaklands Apartments, home to many top entertainment personalities, including Bounty Killer.
However, when YardFlex asked the successful female deejay about the relationship, she denied it.

"Think is Beenie and D'Angel this?" she asked playfully. "I got my man, everybody knows I've got my man. Ah same way dem spread rumour say mi tek out one of my ribs and have surgery fi mek mi stomach smaller fi get my new makeover. But nutten nuh go so. Bounty is not what everybody thinks he is...he is not the Warlord, Bounty is cool."

Still, tongues continue to wag about this unlikely pairing. That's it for now, this is Jigga Mattic reporting live on a Dell laptop via a wireless Miphone connection from the parking lot of the Courtleigh Hotel.

Before I go big up mi fren Warlington - yuh large.