Shemara - Precious Charms - Sexy Jamaican Beauty


By: Jigga Mattic
Photos By: Carlington Wilmot

Shemara has a big problem that refuses to go away. Guys keep staring at my boobs, she breathed almost petulantly/
And I can see why! Who can blame men? Who wouldn't stare at those gazangas? After all, this gorgeous undergrad is a drop dead knock-out lass with boobs like intercontinental missiles.

With her overpowering sexuality and her outsize assets, she is sure to turn heads and get loads of unwanted attention from men, and playa-hating stares from envious females wherever she goes. YardFlex caught up with her in Lime Cay recently where she had just showed her potential star power by just commandeering the set of a Wata video shoot with her sassy moves and perky, can-do personality.

Favourite colour: red
Zodiac sign: Libra
Favourite movie: Don't Be a Menace to Society While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
Favourite artiste/song: Eminem's 'Mocking Bird'. I love all his songs, but I am addicted to a few like 'Cleaning Up My Closet' where he gives his innermost thoughts on things that are going down in his life, it's almost like reading great literature.
Ambitions: to become a criminal lawyer, and eventually a judge

Major influences: Sabelia, my older sister who has a million and one degrees, and Italee, who is a singer and producer. I have a split personality, I am both a bookworm and a fun-loving person so I can channel either one to get the results that I am looking for, and these different sides represent my two sisters.

Guiding philosophy: Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability. Age Quod Agis.

Qualities looking for in a man: Confidence. Someone who respects me personally and doesn't stare at my chest first, a man I can relate, who I share common interests with.