Swing Eh 'Weh in Barbican, The Uptown Garrison


Rolling Wid PaPa & Razzi

SOLD OUT! When Beenie Man shot the video for his new single, 'Swing Eh Weh' in Barbican Place, the uptown garrison, it was no comparison, the whole community came out for the event. School kids coming home from school stopped by, mangy dogs and even an old codger that looked like he must have had his last erection in 1987 showed to ogle the winking bellybuttons, exposed thighs, and daring fashions of the Barbican hotties at the video shoot.

It's the first time that Pappa and Razzi have ever seen so many girls dressed up in their finest on a hot, Tuesday afternoon, even the bleached-out face ones who normally scorn the sun like it's something lethal appeared in their numbers. And Kingston, de gal dem hot!

Papa&Razzi.jpg"Today, ah normal day, and look how the gal dem dressed to impress," one man said, a big grin spreading across his black oily face. "Yo, ah history dis!".

When Pappa and Razzi got there, Beenie Man was cracking jokes about deejays with 'hurricane tongues', dissing the 'ugly girls', and boasting about 'how blessed he was'. He even deejayed snatches of a new song called 'Whe' that he seemed to be in the process of writing.

Eventually, the video shoot kicked off. Director Abidan Campbell of Green Gorilla Media Ltd. shot a scene where Beenie Man, in full black, and the dancer Sample - creator of the Swing It' Weh dance - faced the cameras while a small army of women stood in the background behind him. Jamaica is one of those few places left where ordinary women of all shapes, colours, sizes and looks can find their way into music videos. The director shot a few scenes of people coming out of the land, demonstrating the arm-heavy dance while marching in double file. Quite a few of them were seen rubbing their shoulder blades after a few takes. Cha-ching for the doctors and chiropractors.


BeenieManSiwngEhWehYardFlexA.jpgBecause Swing Eh' Weh, is a dance designed by a man with a fiendish imagination, possibly with the express purpose of creating a brand new set of dance-related injuries. Check this out: the dance is done by leaning forward at an angle, while swinging your right arm in a quickly rotating circle. It is a dance that is calculated to put pressure on, and possibly throw out your rotator cup, or maybe, to put out an eye of the unsuspecting person standing next to you. It will soon be a favourite in many hospital wards, and doctors’ offices across the island.

But for that day, 'Swing Eh' Way' from Sample 6 was the name on everybody's lips. Big up Zumjay who dropped by, as well as the Sample 6 dancers, BIG UP Jackie Sample, the big man's baby mother, respect to Park Girls and the 3-5 massive, as well as Mikey Matthis. Extra special big up to the cute cute browning inna the white and blue, yu look good bad!