'Bling Bling' - Check Out D'Angel's Ring


By: Claude Mills
Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

D'Angel has decided to break her self-imposed silence and sat down with an editor to reveal intimate details of her recent engagement with Virgin Records Grammy winning artiste Beenie Man.

According to D'Angel, Beenie flew to England more than two weeks ago and whisked her away to a private spot to propose to her.

"He engaged me in a limousine and he gave me an expensive ring, that was so romantic!" she told YardFlex.Com.

Although she was tight-lipped about the cost of the ring, when pressed, she admitted that the ring could have cost in the region of US$100,000. She even wore the ring onstage at a recent 'Spring Break 06' concert in Negril, confirming the rumours that were circulating around the country last weekend.

D'Angel was almost euphoric with adoration for her famous lover who apparently has swept her off her feet with his affection towards her.

"I've never been in love so much from the day mi born. I have never been with a man who loves and respects me so much before, and I love him for that. When I get home, I cook for Moses, I take care of him because that is a woman's job, I do everything for Beenie because he is my man, nothing is too good for him."

"I am not normally an excited person, I am always laid back, never excited so this is a new feeling for me, just being excited that he is around, I really realize that I love him.

Asked about the bitterness which may still be in the air over her public break-up with fellow deejay Bounty Killer, a man who has been embroiled in a decade-long acrimonious musical feud with Beenie Man, D'Angel said:

"The experience was bad, but I have moved on emotionally, physically and mentally, I don't even remember anyone else," she said, smiling. "It's all about Moses right now. He's all the man I’ve ever wanted and thinking about the past is irrelevant."

Do you think that Beenie is serious about you?

"He wants to keep me for the rest of his life, I know he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I am the complete package, he calls me his ultimate woman."

Did you believe this sort of love would ever happen to you?

"No...not really, maybe it is because I have never met anyone who truly appreciates me for me, I was in a bad relationship for so long, I never knew what was like to be appreciated because I was ignored and underappreciated for so long, but I am glad I met Moses, this is my chance for love, I never knew what it was like until now...more love, more life, bigger and better things in the future."

It is apparent that the announcement has rocked the entertainment fraternity and dancehall fans, and given the range of passionate responses, the development has divided them as well.

Beenie and D'Angel will appear on Anthony Miller's ER tonight, and on CVM's Onstage tomorrow to discuss the relationship, which they say will be their last public discussion of their engagement.