Alozade Turns Up The Heat - 'Bad Out Deh'

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ALOZADE_0I.jpgDeejay Alozade is hot on the music scene again, ripping up the place with some hard-hitting music, chief among them 'Bad Out Deh', done on the Baddest Ting rhythm.

Alozade recorded 'Bad Out Deh' with long time friends Chico and Kiprich with whom he had previously joined forces to create the monster hit song 'Nuh Pet Gal'.

'Bad Out Deh' is presently creating a stir throughout the world. It is a 'must play' at local and overseas dancehall events and has elevated the artiste once again into the 'big times'. "I feel real good about the success of the song. It has done a lot for me where my career is concerned," he said. "My fans love it and I feel good about that."

A music video for the song was released recently. It was directed by local music video mogul Asha and is presently getting heavy rotation on local TV and cable stations.

Alozade has always been a hit with the teens, as he explained, "I guess this appeal is a natural one because they have been seeing a lot of overseas artistes and just tell themselves that this is what they are looking for. When an artiste can command a high level of respect from teenagers, that is a plus to his or her career. An artiste has to keep reaching out for the larger market. The teens contribute to a large share of the market."

Alozade kept the 'hit train' rolling with a song titled 'Jamaica', done on the Kings Of Kings label where he expresses his love for his country, and 'More Woman' on the CJ label.

His repertoire of hit songs over the years has kept him in high demand at major events both locally and overseas. He has made his mark performing at several stage shows right across Jamaica including top events such as Sumfest, Sting and Champions In Action.

Alozade has also performed extensively in North America, the Caribbean and Europe, which he toured in

2004 performing in countries such as Italy, France, Hungary, Belgium, Norway and Switzerland

Following the success of the song 'Bad Out Deh', Alozade has been very busy performing on stage. He created a big stir performing at events such as Asylum Anniversary, Stone Love Anniversary, Camp Fire, Western Jamboree, Fire Links Anniversary and more recently Garrison Party held at Asylum Night Club.

New releases such as 'Feminine Gender' on Don Corleon's Sweat rhythm and 'I Feel The Pain' on the popular Gangsta Rock rhythm are also doing very well for the artiste. "For the year 2006 and beyond, I will be hitting my fans with some more 'wicked' tunes so just keep listening," Alozade said.