Sexy Spring Breaker Kerri


By: Lucky Me
Photos By Warlington

Alright, I admit it. I like writing this feature because I get the chance to ogle the tight, firm bods of beautiful Jamaican women, so sue me. Ah de so mi ting de right about now.

This weekend, I hooked up with Kerri at Spring Break in Negril. To merely say that Kerri is beautiful is not enough, there are no words to express the line of her delicate cheekbones, her gorgeous face or the way her eyes seem to speak to your soul.

KerryPhotoByCarlingtonWilmot.jpgSometimes, alas, even a writer has to admit that words only diminish the truly wonderful things in this world, so enough chatting, experience Kerri for yourself.

Status: Single
Occupation: Singer
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Favourite Colour: Pink
Favourite Song: Mary J Blige's 'Can't Sleep Without You Babe'
Favourite Movie Genre: Suspense and romantic comedies
Qualities she likes in guys: a combination of honesty, maturity, and intelligence. "He must be able to hold a conversation, and it would help if he were attractive."
Favourite Hangout spots: a beach in Negril

Most Embarrassing Moment: at a show when I failed to hold a high note and my voice cracked, I was so embarrassed, I wished the earth could just open up and swallow me whole. I couldn't sleep for like days afterwards.

Pet Peeve: Guys who don't know how to give a compliment. I am really turned off by guys, some of whom are really cute, who just approach me by saying 'baby, yu fat' or some equally crass way, that is a big turn off for me, guys should learn how to give a proper compliment.