Beenie & D'Angel - Love Conquers All


By: Claude Mills
Photos By: Carlington Wilmot

D'Angel&BeenieManPhotoByCarlingtonWilmotA.jpgThat's the question on everyone's lips as rumours have spread like a wild brush fire on the Serengeti National Park of Africa that Beenie Man and D'Angel are officially engaged, and ready to go public about their relationship.

Since November last year, the two have been working together on music projects, and eventually started dating. There's no wedding ring yet, but D'Angel is sure waiting for it! When will the wedding bells be tolling for Beenie and D'Angel? Who knows?

Beenie Man confirmed that the relationship had evolved into something more serious this week. He told a VOICE newspaper writer that:
"Yes, it's a mafia engagement...ah mi wife, me and har ah go get married 'cause mi love her."

He was speaking during the shooting break of D'Angel's new video, 'Woman Power' that celebrates the recent victory of Portia Simpson Miller as the first female president of the PNP, and what the victory means to the 'gentler sex' in Jamaica. During the break, the two were openly flirting with each other, sharing jokes and tender moments away whenever D'Angel had the opportunity.

D'Angel&BeenieManPhotoByCarlingtonWilmotB.jpgWhat makes the engagement even more salacious is the fact that Beenie Man has been involved in a long-running, on-again, off-again feud with rival Bounty Killer, who happens to be D’Angel’s ex-boyfriend. The steamy relationship between superstar Beenie Man and budding celebrity D'Angel, especially in light of their radio hit, 'One Man', has become the subject of much speculation by members of the entertainment fraternity and the local media.

But despite the brouhaha, Beenie is determined to fully explore his relationship with D'Angel.

D'Angel&BeenieManPhotoByCarlingtonWilmot.jpg"I called her up and began working with her last year, and just by working with her, and getting to know the kind of wonderful person she is, kind, caring, loving...I was drawn to her. And at the time, me neva have no woman, she neva have no man, so we just come together and it happened," he said.

How long have you two been together?
"Mi nah go get into that with you (laughing), all mi can say is that mi neva did a go bear the blame and no play the game...(chuckling) a footballer, mi kick ball inna goal, yea?" he said, his eyes twinkling with mischief.
"But is a girl who mi love, and mi want the best for her," he said.

Despite Beenie's public admission, D'Angel is keeping mum about her relationship.

"I want my relationship to stay private and out of the media, he and I are already in the media because we are performers, and I don't really want the focus to be on the relationship alone, and away from my music. I love Beenie and I know he loves me, but that is between us, and as two stars, we have to keep that relationship private and separate and special," she said.